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Motorcycle Sales

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On Any Moto carries a wide selection of ZERO Motorcycles and Pre-Owned motorcycles and ATVs in Tucson, AZ.

We also buy, consign and take trade-in vehicles. If you have a motorcycle or ATV you are looking to upgrade, or just move on from, please contact us or fill out our Trade-Sell-Consign form.

Please visit our showroom online or in person...we look forward to helping you find your ride!


Parts Sales

Our parts department encompasses everything from Gear and Apparel to Accessories and OEM parts. Click here for a good sample of the product lines we stock and specialize in.

We are the expert and exclusive ARAI helmet dealer in southern Arizona. Along with Arai, we are also specialists in Sidi motorcycle boots, Bridgestone tires and the Scala Rider and Sena Communication systems!

We stock a wide selection of motorcycle tires, brake pads, fork seals, oil filters, batteries, and more for our on-demand while-you-wait services!

We also offer a wide selection of apparel for men, women and kids; from dirt to street to the track. We provide protective coverage from head to toe; from the daily commuter to the racer and extreme enthusiasts, we carry motorcycle and atv helmets, boots, gloves, textile apparel, and protective gear to get the job done and to help you look good doing it! Lastly, we provide our very own 'Best Fit Guarantee', which means that your newly purchased items will fit you properly and provide you with the maximum level of protection.

While we do our best to stock as much product as we can, we just can't stock it all. We do, however, have access to thousands of more items and brands with the ability to deliver within 24 hours - FREE! No internet company can do that!


Why On Any Moto:

  1. Our Passion!
  2. Our Commitment to Excellence
  3. Our People and Culture
  4. Our Attention to Detail


What we do best:

  1. Customer attention
  2. Lowest tire prices in Tucson, AZ
  3. Service while-you-wait
  4. Next Day delivery on most items
  5. 'Best Fit' guarantee



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Customer Experience

The absence of noise and vibration makes it an entirely different and better experience. I rode the SR, and the thrill is amazing! I'm going to be watching Zero--if I get a new bike, this would be it. Regrettably, I don't commute and don't ride enough to justify the cost. Wish I did . . . .

29 April 2016

What a rush! I had not idea what to expect, but was blown away by the power and speed. The combo of torque and silence and the absence of shifting was exhilarating -- I felt like a little kid the first time successfully riding a bicycle without training wheels. I think these bikes would be awesome for new riders -- might be an avenue to pursue -- ? Thanks so much for the opportunity; Zeros are definitely on our watch list.

14 April 2016

I take my Suzuki C50 to On Any Moto for maintenance and oil changes every 6 months to a year after my neighbor recommended them a couple years ago. I've had a great experience every time. They're friendly, knowledgeable, and communicate well. I highly recommend On Any Moto!

9 April 2016

The future starts now. I do agree that these bikes are the future. I just feel that they are a bit away from people buying them over the gas engines.

The ride was great, a lot of tourque, smooth ride, no noise(good and bad). I just cant justify buying a 14-19 thousand dollar machine that only gets me 100-167 miles on a charge and takes 5 hours to charge.

Im glad that on any moto had the event, it really was a mystery until now. I just wont be interested in buying until the price goes down and the range goes up. Or they find a way to charge the bike quickly or figure out a battery swap program.

I had a great time on the ride, and hangin out at the event

Thank You.

OAM Response: Thanks for the experience! Your assessment is accurate, but I'd like to address your concerns... 1. Price: While the Zero may be more expensive up front, you actually save $$$ over the life of the bike because of fuel and maintenance savings. You actually feel the benefits in about 1 - 1.5 years of ownership.
2. Range: This is a commuter machine, which most riders use their bikes for. If you need to tour, this is not the bike. 100-167 miles on 1 charge costs about $1 - $1.67...vs...3gal gas at $6+.
3. Charging: there are quick charge options available. Thanks again for your experience and for participating in our event!

A Alvarez
4 April 2016

The Zero Motorcycle is one of the most exhilarating rides I've ever experienced! The DSR is my favorite for communting, but the FXS wins for pure hooligan fun!

3 April 2016